Creative expression, freedom to be the natural healer that I am today is at the heart of BYROSE and the handmade products we make daily from Organic, NZ grown herbs.

The life of a natural healer I have found is not always easy.  Feeling the vibrations of the world around me from a young child along with a personality that strives for equality, kindness and self understanding is why I do what I do.

My website for many years lead with ‘the loss of my son Alex in 2015’ and yes that did happen yet today my focus is the silver linings and celebrations that have stemmed from such a great personal loss.  The connection from New Zealand I received and the nurturing care from the land I love and call home. 

BYROSE products grew from the grief - love that had no place to go into creating products expressing gentle, kind, healing to you all.  A thank you from me, Alex and my family for supporting us through the hardest time of our lives.

My wish for you is peace.  A peaceful pain free life.  A life you can rest in, love and heal.  

BYROSE seeks for you to find balance in a hectic world filled with uncertainty.  To rest at night and sleep soundly.  To endure the recovery of emotional, physical, spiritual pains using natural herbs around us.