ByRose has served thousands of customers, each with their own journey. Here are just a few, lovely and heart warming bits of feedback we've received over the years.

"I started using Rose's Balm about 5 or 6years ago. I use it on my arthritic foot and back most days. My son, sister, sister-in-law along with several friends now use her balm.  I use several of Rose's other products which enable me to move around more freely and do the things I like to do.  If you can only afford one thing then go with the balm, my next choice is the CBD drops" - Jocelyn


"I took on making medicine for my husband during first lockdown. He suffers with severe back pain from an injury many years old...and obviously the accompanying mental strain on top of many medications dished out monthly to him from doc. Now he has no need for four tramadol a day thanks to your wee book and tincture gets him 3hours in a row of proper rest which as we all know is paramount for good mental health.

I can't thank you enough for staying true to Alex's vision and learning and sharing with us you have helped both of us cope with our situation and we are both so much happier taking nature's medicine as I'm sure many others are too. Once I realised the incredible benefits of cannabis based meds I'm happy to say I'm now helping others to ease their pain and enjoy life again. Thank you Rose" - Anon



"I just want to send some heartfelt appreciation your way. I think your service is incredible. I would be at such a loss as to what to do to help my family members struggling with anxiety and insomnia, and inflammation. Your products bring me so much hope. I am very grateful to have natural options, I wouldn’t have the confidence or knowledge myself, so I thank you for your information and products! You are amazing, I am really so grateful." - Mandy