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By Rose NZ

Pain Balm

Pain Balm

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Our new Pain Balm is gentle to rub in and bringing immediate relief to deep longstanding pain. Made using whole flower, Comfrey and Coconut oil with setting agent Shea Butter. Essential oils; Black Pepper, vetiver and Frankincense.


"I have arthritis and chronic fatigue and found it relieved muscle and joint pain, it was also great for relieving muscle tension associated with my vocal dysphonia. It's hard to find a good topical pain reliever, and those I have used normally have a cold and astringent effect. Yours was very warming and soothing on the skin which made it easy and pleasant to use." 

"  have passed mine on to my father who is 60 and has been through so much physically as a labourer all his life. He currently has a very bad shoulder and elbow and has been on pain medications for ages (which he hates) He has come off of them recently to give himself a break and the balm turned up in such perfect timing so he has been trying it and has said he has noticed his pain is more tolerable for him throughout the day and to sleep, he also loves the smell if it (says he likes the earthy smell) So far so great!"

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