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Rose's Remedies - Recipe Book

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Rose's Remedies - Recipe Book

I began making natural pain relief from organically-grown NZ rich CBD Cannabis, a year after my 19 year-old son Alex died from an epileptic seizure in Wellington ICU in 2015. Alex had no pre-existing epilepsy and was previously a fit and healthy young man. Alex's personal research into Cannabis as a medicine triggered a series of events leading to where we are today in Cannabis reform in New Zealand.

This recipe book honours his life and those he has brought relief to since his passing. They say life has silver linings and this is mine from his passing. Many call me an 'angel' yet I know the true angel is Alex, who guides us towards self-healing and understanding of this incredible healing plant — Cannabis. I started with roots for balm and leaf for brownie — both by-products and unwanted by growers. Today this book enables you to make safe, measured doses of drops, edibles, tinctures, and suppositories for yourself and your family/friends.

Ensure you organically grow your Cannabis — if possible, know the strain and focus on your own medical challenge. Teaching one to fish is far better than trying to catch for all! I wish you well in your healing journey.